12 May 2009


On 7 May, it was my birthday. So, I decided to get myself a few good and replacement stuffs for my mountain biking hobby.

I got myself 2 pairs of cycling gloves, one from Nike and one from Louis Garnears (LG). I’m not sure the Nike’s gloves are good enough but they surely put some bling on my riding attire. The LG gloves are just fantastic; their gels are ergonomically located to minimize numb feeling.

Next, remember my previous blog about the
top 3 best things for mountain biking. One of them is a tyre from Continental. Yes… I bought myself a pair of expensive, light and sticky Continental Mountain King 2.2” Supersonic.

1 comment:

Joe said...

Nice. I have the same tyre, they're good, except for 2 things:

(a) they are not so good in wet technical trails; and

(b) they are very susceptible to punctures from bertam thorns.