29 April 2009

2009 KLMBH's Epic Ride

[Image is from KLMBH]

KLMBH organises hash (mountain biking event) every last Sunday of the month. Usually, the hash distance is between 20-30km for long rides. For scenic rides, the distance is usually half the distance and nearly suitable for everyone.

The KLMBH's epic is about 50km! Although it is not more than 100km, like typical epic ride around the world, hey... this is not a race! It is a fun ride.

This year the epic ride will be on Sunday, 10 May 2009.

It will be staged somewhere in Ulu Rening and Ulu Yam.

Make sure you join me there!
For more information, go to KLMBH website.

I do not know much the trails for the epic. However, there is a good write-up by the hares (guys & gals who recce and setup the trails for the hash) about the rides in Fakawitribe.com forum. Here are the extracts:

"1. Check Point CP 1
Comment: The first chicken loop for people on a short (scenic) ride.

Description: The first section aka CP1 is relatively easy and starts with a 1.7km road section to a oil palm plantation in Ulu Yam. The terrain in CP1 is moderately undulating and nearly fully shaded. This is the quintessential Malaysian plantation cross-country ride consisting of mature trees and well manicured trails.

There is one river crossing between Ulu Yam and Ulu Tamu. The river is beautiful and scenic and is knee high most of the time. However, after a heavy rainfall, the river can be as deep as waist high in parts and fast flowing and therefore, may not be safe for unsupervised children. This is a fantastic warm up route. Come and stretch those cold muscles here and breathe the fresh air.

Distance to check point : Approx. 16.9km.
Distance from check point to Home : Approx 1.2km.
Closing time: 11:45am(TBC).

2. Check Point CP 2(Water Point)
Comment: The second chicken loop for people on an intermediate ride.

Description: The route traverses kampung roads through Kampung Genting Malek. There is also a small shop set up in front of the owner's house in Genting Malek for riders to buy drinks. This section is characterised by narrow single lane 'kampung' roads that meanders gently around small 'kebuns' and is relatively flat and shaded.

There is a short single track section in a rubber estate just before check point CP2. Riders can replenish their water here at CP2.

Distance to check point: Approx. 26.4km.
Distance from check point to Home : Approx 3.7km.
Closing time: 11:45am(TBC).

3. Check Point CP 3
Comment: HYH's favourite route in Ulu Renning and the third chicken loop.

Description: This section has been used in both the 06 hash and 08 Epic Loop 2. 6km of beautiful and shaded cross country riding through a mature oil palm estate. At the end of the ride to CP3, riders enter the village of Ulu Renning.

There is a small shop here that sells drinks and some food. Riders can take a break here to eat and have their tea break. Riders on an intermediate ride can follow the main road back to the starting point.

Distance to check point: Approx. 32.6km.
Distance from check point to Home : Approx 6km.
Closing time: 1:30pm(TBC).

4. Check Point CP 4(Water Point)
Comment: The fun starts here!

Description: Up to this point, the ride has been civilised. The fun starts here! The first section is a shaded steep and steady climb on narrow premix road. There are some very good views of Ulu Renning here before we enter into a downhill section.

The bottom of the downhill leads to a red metal bridge and riders will face the main climb on the Epic aka Hill Nos 1. The hill is steep. However, when the planets align and conditions are perfect, our stronger hares have claimed to have ridden all the way up.

The subsequent downhill will lead the riders to our second and last refill point. Check-point 4 is located in a cool and shaded riverine picnic area, frequented by the villagers. This is a good spot to take a break and fuel-up before attempting to complete the remainder of the Epic. Riders can replenish their water here at CP4.

Distance to check point: Approx. 38.5km.

5. Check Point CP 5
Comment: Continuous climb in rubber estate.

Description: The ride from CP 4 to CP5 is a continuous 5km climb albeit, on a relatively easy gradient. The trail is shaded by rubber trees and there seems to be a constant light breeze here. This is a lovely ascent, which has been used many times by the hash.

We expect only the faster riders to make the closing time and the rest will be ushered through a chicken loop back to CP 1.

Distance to check point: Approx. 42km.
Distance from check point to Home : Approx 7.5km.
Closing time: 2:30pm(TBC).

6. Check Point CP 6
Comment: ‘First Among Equals'.

Description: You are super fit and strong. After 42km of fast riding, you are still fresh and you should be. You are the uber man/woman. You laugh at how easy our monthly hashes are. You want a challenge. And so, we will throw at you more hills, more sun, another river crossing, more single track, slippery and steep gravel roads...and you say, "Bring it on!." If this fits your bill, then our final route from CP6 to CP 1 is tailor-made for you. Welcome to Valhalla my friend.

Distance to check point: Approx. 45km.
Distance from check point to Home : Approx 6.7km."

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