25 June 2007

Knee Injury

While riding the 2K trail in Bukit Kiara on the morning of 23 June 2007, I tried to clear a log, about a foot in height, but somehow my pedal and rear tyre stuck. I nearly endo. My right knee hit the handlebar.

I was not that painful, but I felt like the knee cap was dislocated. After a few second, I checked my right knee visually... no blood, no funny looking knee cap around. Phew.. lucky me. It didn't hurt at all, but I was jittered.

I purposely didn't go to the hash to make sure the knee was OK.

However, come Sunday night, my right knee felt a bit of pain. Time to check-up...

03 June 2007

Serendah Uphill Bash

The May 2007 was at Serendah. Most of the trails were old logging trails with not much of forest canopy.

It was hot and look at the GPS evelation... nearly 6 kms of pure climbing. That was for the scenic ride. The long ride was even worse, with 12 to 14 kms of climbings. The rewards were fast and open downhills, and prestine & cooling waterfalls. Torture but rewarding...