22 November 2008

Gold Medal at Track World Cup

Track World Cup 08-09 Round 2 - CDM, Melbourne, Australia, November 20-22, 2008

Keirin (Final):
1. Azizulhasni Awang (Malaysia, GOLD)
2. Andriy Vynokurov (Ukraine, SILVER)
3. Francois Pervis (France, BRONZE)

Azizulhasni Awang created history! He is the first Malaysian cyclist to win gold medal in a World Cup event. Congratulation...!

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17 November 2008

Trail Maintenance 16 Nov 2008: Carnival

Nearly every trail that I deal with on trail days is Bukit Kiara’s classic, but you cannot argue the iconic status of the Carnival trail.
From the moderate climb that leads to lung-busting climbs, uphill switchbacks, fast & furious singletrack, rocky downhill switchbacks, rock garden, river drop, 3-tier downhills, no trail at Bukit Kiara has such compilation of those characters.

It is also the host for the yearly Kuala Lumpur Mountain Bike Carnival, hence the name of the trail. This year race will be on 29 and 30 November 2008.

The challenge today is trying to fix Carnival to its best.

I don’t have the number, but about 15 people showed up. The Penghulu, Pat, divided us into several work parties. Me and Johnny were given no. 10, that was a fast and rooty section towards the end of Carnival. The rest got their number and location.

Here are a few photos that I managed to snap…

[Safety briefing before the trail work. The location is at Taman Lembah Kiara]

[BEFORE: Putting some rocks to protect the trees' roots. This was just the beginning...]

[AFTER: Smooth...! Under the dirt were lots of rocks]

[Jun and Tony]

See you guys at the race...!

15 November 2008

Between Semenyih & Bandar Bukit Mahkota

It was quite a while since I rode my last hash. Although it was on Sunday, 9 November 2008, this hash was actually the October Hash.

The hash was actually at Semenyih, opposite Bandar Tasik Kesuma. It was also quite near to Bandar Bukit Mahkota, if you're coming from the east side.

There is no photos of me, except for my left hand on the bike's handlebar.


[Towards the trails]

[Trail head]

[Kampung Rinching, Semenyih]

[Next to cows's feed lots]

[Riverside singletrack.. cool! That's my steed on the right]

[...and the singletrack led towards a kampung]

[A pigeon at a goal post.. ehmmm..??]

[At one of the checks]

[Megat and Joe(and Casper) at one of the checks]

[My left hand on my bike's handlebar, looking down towards the trail]

[Chicken out or go long?]

03 November 2008


After a gruelling tarmac uphill, I reached the 4-cross junction, and someone shouted my name.

Aahhh... it was Joe Adnan. Fimiliar face along with unfimiliar face... ehmmm.

Hi! Casper!

Casper is Joe's new bike. Casper... as hand-scripted on the head-badge.
Note: Casper is also Joe's nickname.

It was a good looking bike. After a chit-chat, he allowed me to ride his new bike. Down to 2K trail I went and continued to the technical uphill section of Twin Peaks.
I was speechless!! A very good bike was an understatement. It was excellent!!

It floats and goes everywhere... like the friendly ghost in the movie Casper.

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