19 April 2008

First bike see-saw in Bukit Kiara trails

As I was riding up the Twin Peaks today, I noticed a newly built ramp. Quickly, I went to check out the ramp.

When I got there... wallah... it was not a ramp, it was the first bike see-saw in Bukit Kiara trails.

Pictures of Bukit Kiara's see-saw will follow suit.

However, these are some pictures of the see-saw at trails around the world:

08 April 2008

Bukit Kiara Trail Replacement - Pure Quill, Part II

Sunday, 7 April 2008.

The first Pure Quill trail works was good, but due to the amount of works that needs to be done, only half of the trail was digged.

So, we come again to continue what's left.