29 November 2009

It has been a pleasure...

I have been riding KHS XC904R since early 2006. It served me well, weekends after weekends.

Have a look at my XC904R here, here and here. I changed the components over the years due to wear and tear, or even personal preferences.

It is a very good bike. I quoted from Mountain Bike Action (MBA) magazine, October 2004, to show how good is the bike... " The KHS XC904R has that light and fast NORBA look. And in this case looks are not deceiving. Keeping the XC904R from earning perfect 10 is that USD3500 price tag, we expect a lighter wheelset. But the past two years have been good to the XC904R. She's all grown up and ready to be bell of the cross-country ball. How can we resist? We can't."

Last Wednesday, I stripped the XC904R naked, to make way for a new steed.

Salute to XC904R.. it has been a pleasure.

26 November 2009

What is your IQ?

IQ is the acronym for intelligent quotient, and refers to a score given for several standardized intelligence tests. The first of these tests was developed by French psychologist Alfred Binet in 1905. Today, the IQ test is commonly based on some model of the Stanford Binet Intelligence scale.

So, what is your IQ?

My last IQ test was about 14 years ago and scored 127. I don't care what it means, do you?

In cycling, Specialized Bicycle Company (Specialized) has developed an intelligent suspension shock that has God's know what's it IQ test score. The suspension shock is called BRAIN. Have a look at these videos to find out more...

1. BRAIN - The explanation.

2. BRAIN - The theoretical settings.

3. BRAIN - The pratical sag settings.

4. BRAIN - The pratical rebound settings.

14 November 2009

Race Across The Sky

One of the most exciting endurance mountain bike races is the 100 miles race in Leadville, USA. Hence, the name Leadville 100.

It was won 6 times by Dave Wiens before, until Lance Armstrong won it this year (2009).

This time the race was film, and it was suitably titled as "Race Across The Sky".

07 November 2009

Sometimes I feel down, and need a bit of motivation

There are times in life that you might feel down, I sometimes do have that, and of course I need a bit of motivation.

Apart from praying to God asking for strength, I like to share some motivation videos that I find touching and inspiring.

1. MTB - Road to Athens Olympics.

Sometimes due to link problem, you might not be able to see the tube, so click here to go directly to the source.

2. A limbless guy.

Again, sometimes due to link problem, you might not be able to see the tube, so click here to go directly to the source.