13 May 2007

Trail Maintenance 13 May 2007: 4K

4K trail connects the Bukit Kiara crossroad to the KLGCC water tank. If you start from the crossroad, it has a bit of log and jumps ala North Shore, lots of technical downhills, a few other wooden structures and typical Kiara style cross country riding.

The earlier part of 4K is called Rubbish (ala North Shore riding style for the steel-hearted riders), and of course it also has parallel trail.
[Someone correct me if I'm wrong...]

The works that was done is at the technical downhill adjoining of Rubbish and normal 4K.
So, here you're...

[View from the top]

[View from the bottom]

Today orchestra team:
> Pat (Conductor)
> Simon
> Me
> Cougar

06 May 2007

Faulty Fox

My rear shock (Fox Float RP3) for my beloved KHS XC904R failed me on Labour Day (1st May 2007). It doesn't hold the air anymore.

It is now at the LBS for repair. There goes my riding time on such excellent bike.

Luckily, I have another bike, the KHS XC604, to keep my adrenalin flow.

[My bike hanging at the LBS]

[Close up view]