17 January 2008

Kiara Underseige Again..!!!

The pristine, flowly, hand-built and well-maintained singletrack trails at Bukit Kiara are undergoing extinction process, due to the underseige by the lust to satisfy the appetite of horse riding.

As of today (Thursday 17 January 2008), my adopted trail (Pure Quill) is gone. I'm devastated. Furthermore, I was planning to carry out general trail maintenance on Pure Quill this Saturday (19 January 2008).

Pure Quill is about 400 meters of singletrack. It connected several trails at once, such as the Janie's Addiction and Around The Mountain trails at Taman Tun Dr. Ismail side and the Upper Short, TNT, Dirty Deeds trails on the center of Bukit Kiara.

The picture below shows the destruction of Pure Quill trail from flowly singletrack to unchallenging 3 meters (plus-minus) wide horse trail. The picture was taken by one of the Fakawi Tribe members.

One of the trail users has written to the local newspaper urging the public to protect the Kuala Lumpur's only green lung. Click here to read more about it.

I also wrote a blog about this earlier. Please click here to redirect.

Some of the photos of prestine singletracks at Bukit Kiara can be viewed in my previous post on Kuala Lumpur Mountain Bike Carnival 2007.