28 January 2008

Bukit Kiara - First Hash of 2008

The secondary jungle and rubber plantation estate of Bukit Kiara witnessed the KLBMH's first hash of 2008. Personally, I have mix feeling about it.

First, despite the tearing of prestine and hand-built singletracks at Kiara by the DBKL to build horse trails, the hash managed to carry about 19km of technical and endurance off-road riding. I enjoyed every bit of it. At one one time, I asked myself.. "Are we still in Kuala Lumpur?"... still wondering.

Second, I am very sad to see that more singletracks (e.g. Janie's Addiction, Pure Quill, Dirty Deeds, Plan C and Pondok-to-Pondok trails) were destroyed by the new, ridicilously wide and erosion-prone horse trails.

Third, while enjoying the tight, twisty and downhill switchbacks at Thunder Valley, I fell down (endo) and hurt my left ribs. It felt like I had been punched by Mike Tyson, and I initially thought I broke my ribs. After an x-ray session, I'm very happy that there was no broken bone. But still, it hurts.

Some photos, and more to come very soon...

[Patawi at the briefing]

[Great barbeque.. courtesy of Tan Boon Foo of BikePro]

These were the routes:
Start at Taman Rimba Kiara > Short tarmac in front of Tun Hasmah Foundation > Carnival via Lungbuster (Halfway) > Halfway of 4K and its full loop until Rubbish > 2K > Apollo > Tarmac > Lower Short > Snake & Ladder > Twin Peaks > TNT > Horse trails until halfway of Boner > Boner > Reverse of Penchala Lama > Lightning Ridge > Thunder Valley > Tarmac of Kampung Sg. Penchala > Flinstones > Carnival > Short tarmac in front of Tun Hasmah Foundation > End at Taman Rimba Kiara