15 February 2007

Kiara Underseige

Since the installment of the new Agung (The King of Malaysia - the honourable Sultan Mizan), in late 2006, the majestic Bukit Kiara trails are underseige.

1. He is an avid horse rider and wants to ride at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club and its surrounding.
2. The Kuala Lumpur City Council (DBKL) is widening the mountain biking trails for horse riding.

I fully respect the honourable Sultan Mizan's passion for horse riding, but I'm against the DBKL action of widening the EXISTING mountain bike trails for equestrian.

The possible consequences:
1. The horses will consistently damage the existing mountain biking trails on each step they take.
2. A lot less singletrack, a lot more doubletracks. This means less technical, hence less fun.
3. Most of the trails were built by the rubber tappers and mountain bikers for hiking (rubber tapping) and biking respectively. They understand the concept of trail building.
4. I wasn't amazed to witness DBKL cut down several trees that were at least 15 years old to widen the trails.

Bukit Kiara is recognized by several magazines and avid mountain bikers as one of the best trails, perhaps the best, within a large metropolitan. What can we do to preserve that?

Building trails are relatively easy. To maintain them is another challenge.

Please visit Fakawi Tribe or KLMBH website for more information.