09 April 2007

Hot Bash

On Sunday morning, when Kimi Raikonnen was getting ready to battle with Fernando Alonso (2 times F1 world champion), and here I'm torturing myself on the longest and hottest bash I have ever ridden in 2 years.

[From left: Lim@Bike Pro, me and others]


I also like to say that this is my 3rd bash with my new KHS XC604 bike. I must admit it is one hell of good trail bike. Just look at the GPS profile below, lots of climbs, but my XC604 didn't dissappoint me.

It downhill performance also flawless for a 4.2 inches bike. It rear suspension didn't feel stiff during downhill braking... just pure terrain tracking. Sweet.

[The profile: Lots of hill climbings]

[One of the long climbs]