18 January 2010

From South Africa

I was given an honour to lead our Sunday riding group with our new friend from South Africa.

Welcome to Malaysia, Alan.

The ride routes were as follows:

Taman Rimba Kiara >> Uphill tarmac >> 4K (entrance at water tank) >> 2K (halfway entrance) >> Twin Peaks >> Janie's Addiction (horse trail & old Janie's singletrack) >> Boner >> Penchala Lama >> Kampung & tarmac >> Plan C >> Wasteland >> Bar-a-kuda >> Tarmac >> Mission >> 2K (half loop) >> Tarmac >> Shiner's (entrace at halfway) >> Rock Garden (Carnival).

Time : 8:45 a.m till 12:15 p.m

Distance : ~ 17 kilometers.

Quote from Alan "The trails are excellent. They are technical. It's a very good place to learn to ride on roots."


mee95 said...

hello everyone.first i would like to thank Keng for the use of a great bike, and to the chief for arranging the ride.respect, to all those that have made kiara such a great place to ride.i can report that mtb is alive and well in the state of malaysia.kiara is brilliant,you are blessed as it offers so much in such a cofined environment.i rate in in my top five.keep up the good work .the tribe was the reason i went to ride and i was not disappointed. thank you to the members who came to ride with me it was an honour."fakawi" trail rating. 9.5/10. allen mee south africa.

umar @ wan said...

Come again. We take you to the river next time :)