15 February 2009

"Wasteland" - The Understated Trail

I always look forward to a bike hash at Bukit Kiara. This year is no different, and it was held on Sunday, 18 January 2009.
Rumours said that there will be new trails replacing the ones that were bulldozed to make way for the horse trails.

Note: Before you read on, this write-up is written such a way that you are familiarised with the trails name in Bukit Kiara.

After the briefing, done by Pat (the lead hare) and Huang (President of TRAKS), we are off to the tarmac climb. Not even half way, we were directed to the short-cut trail which lead to Lung Buster. Surprise it was… Lung Buster is now longer and slightly easier to climb… Yippee! However, it still made me gasping for air after that.

We then rode though the following trails:

Continue Carnival (Lung Buster) > 4K > 2K > Apollo > Tarmac climb > Horse trail (P10) > Tarmac climb > Plan C+ > Horse trail (P3) > Bar-a-kuda (very short section)

[Bridge at 4K Trail - This is the replacement bridge after the old bridge was damaged after the hash]

After the very short section of Bar-a-kuda, the hares led us to the new trail, which the name is yet to be finalized… but currently called “Wasteland”). It was tight yet flowy singletrack and was built along a ridge. Suddenly, there was a bridge… a log skinnies to be exact. After the skinnies, the singletrack continued thorough nicely arrange river stones which looked more like cobblestones. It then led us to a series of uphill switchbacks (six switchbacks I think..) before we ended up at the other side of Bar-a-kuda. Pure joy!

[Skinnies at "Wasteland"]

Then, the following trails:

Bar-a-kuda (the other side) > Lower Short > Upper Short (till the peak) > 5-junction horse trails > Horse trail (P5) > Pure Quill + > Twin Peak > Flinstones > Rock Garden (Carnival).

I must say after the long climb from Lower Short till Twin Peak, the flowy and rocky section of Flinstones and Rock Garden (Carnival) was fantastic and exhilarating.

Plus, the weather was breezy and the trails were dry!

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