31 August 2007

World Champion

The current mountain biking cross-country (XC) world champion is Julien Absalon. He won the title 3 times i.e. in 2004, 2005 and 2006. In the current 2007 season, he is leading the championship points.

I never ride the championship XC courses, and I believe they are mix of steep climbings, technical downhills and fast singletrack sections. But, I would love the world championship (WC) comes to Bukit Kiara.

The existing Carvinal trail that host the yearly KL Mountain Bike Carvinal is about 2.2km per lap. Overlay this onto the typical WC race distance (40km), it will be about eighteen (18) laps !

Could Julien sustains the 18 laps? I would imagine that it would be a great race...

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