02 December 2006

Between a fall and a great ride

Saturday, 2 December 2006, the tarmac climbed to the Bukit Kiara cross-road junction felt so much difficult after 6 days of no riding. Then, the Twin Peaks off-road trail... another climbed up.

Twin Peaks [1]

The ground was so soft in certain places that mud stuck on my tyres. The bike felt like it was 35 pounds.
Twin Peaks [2]

At the Tokong (part of Twin Peaks trail), a bunch of familiar MTB riders were cheering me up "Don't stop.. don't stop.. see you at the peak." That motivated me not to stop although my legs and lung sensed that acid lactic was pooling up fast. Finally, at Janie's Addiction junction I stopped, and waited for them. Fimiliar riders.

We all went to Janie's Addiction trail to Kampung and eventually to Devi's Corner, before returning back to Bukit Kiara via Plan C trail, Snake and Ladder trail and Carnival trail.

The second steep downhill at Janie's Addiction was quite slippery and rooty. I cleared all the earlier technical sections, but at the last drop I somehow lost control and fell down towards my left... ouchh!
The Effect of Falling

Before arriving at the Pondok, I cleaned the cut and Jimmy sprayed his sticky plaster. Cold but pain. After all the pain, it made me think to get protective gears especially elbow protection and knee protection.

At the Orang Asli settlement (Kg. Tanah Jawa), we splited up. I took the trail via Penchala Baru trail and they went straight towards Hartamas suburb. I like the Penchala Baru trail.. the first part was along a stream, which was wet but firm ground. There were also some mild sections of rock garden. Then, came the smooth flowing downhill singletrack along the ridge, before you crossed a small bridge just before the kampung at Segambut Dalam.

Penchala Baru Trail [1]

Penchala Baru Trail [2]

Penchala Baru Trail [3]

As promised, I joined the others at Devi's Corner.
Not suprisingly, Pat, Tony and the gang were also at there enjoying their breakfast-ride.

The Breakfast at Devi's Corner

On the return ride back to Bukit Kiara, one of us punctured his rear tyre. We all stopped, and while the pumping air activity was taking place, I took several pictures of their steeds.
The Puncture

Titus Motolite

Specialized Stumpjumper

Turner 5-Spot


Snake and Ladder Trail