29 November 2006

KLMBH bash @ Ulu Yam, 26 November 2006

The weather was nice, no rain and slighly cloudy. No rain also on the previous night, at least at my place. This Ulu Yam bash is very near to previous Ulu Rening bash (Sep. 2006), so I assumed there would be river crossings and big climbs.

The first 12.5km of short singletracks, long but twisty palm oil doubletracks were fun. There were tough climbs but short, so there wasn’t time for the lactic acid to build up. Some parts of the doubletracks were the mimic of mini rock garden.. I really love them. Certain sections of the doubletracks were pool of water and muddy, hence there were 2 minor chain sucks.

Then come the MOAH (mother of all hills) climbs. It was roughly 1.75km of straight doubletracks. The gradient was manageable and ride-able at some places, but the tracks were so badly eroded that it was nearly impossible to climb. However, there were some parts of MOAH that the track was OK especially towards the summit, and from there I did manage to cycle all the way up. Hooray…


Then, the downhill. Long and slippery, and I just had to be light on the brakes and also loosely hold the handlebar. At one time, I gripped the bar too tight to steer the bike, but the muddy lines just won’t let go and I fell to my right. No bruises, but full of mud.

At the bottom of the hills, there was sound of running water. Very calming. First river crossing. The water was cold and refreshing. I nearly forgot the MOAH climb.

River Crossing

After that, lots of singletracks that made you think that you were in Bukit Kiara and about 4-5km of them. Sheer pleasure of cross-country biking. In between, there were also another 4 river crossings! Simply exhilarating.

After the ride, I met CS of Hardtail'ers Resort. He was one of the co-hares... cool! A bunch of clap to the all the hares/co-hares.

As usual, after-ride lunch was with Zali and Asri.

It was definitely one of the best ride of the year. I definitely be coming back in late December or early January 2007. Anyone?

O N - O N