17 August 2009

PCC Presidential Ride 2009 - Mountain Biking

I bravely took part in the 65km off-road PCC Presidential Ride 2009 on Sunday, 16 August 2009, at Broga, Semenyih, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. The ride started and ended at University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus.

Statistics from my Cateye:
Distance : 67.34 km.

Max speed : 43.3 km/h.

Average speed: 13.3 km/h.

Ride time : 4 hrs 52:57 minutes

Statistics from my memory:
Arrived - 0910 hours.
Rest - ~5 mins.
Drink - 1 Revive.
Food - 1 Banana.

Arrived - 1050 hours.
Rest - ~5 mins.
Drink - 2 Revive.
Food - 1 Banana.

Cramp - Rest ~15 mins.

Arrived - 1205 hrs.
Rest - ~20 mins.
Drink - 1 Revive & 1 hydration salt drink.
Food - One piece of bread.

Arrived - 1355 1345* hrs.

All times are estimates, except arrival time at CP4.
* Correction (27 Sep 2009): Arrived at CP4 at 1345 hrs, and arrived at start/end at 1355 hrs.

Other interesting statistics:
Powerbar Gel - 4 sacks; 2 strawberry banana & 2 tangerine flavour.

Water - More than 3 liters (with refill at the checkpoints (CP)).

Fall - None.. yahoo!!

Cramps - Twice at both thigh muscles! Sh*t, sh*t...!

Stream crossings - 3.

Bridges - Too many to remember...

Best uphill - Between CP3 and CP4. Several of them here... crazy but damn fun!

Best downhill - Also between CP3 and CP4. Singletrack descent and the last section of long doubletrack downhill.

Best singletrack - Also between CP3 and CP4. Lots of them.. lovely :)

Best flat section - Between CP1 and CP2. All in big ring (44T).

Love & hate section - The uphill cement climb, singletrack though...

Worst sections - Tarmac between CP2 and CP3.. I got cramped here!

Brake problem - None.

Shifting problem - None.

Suspension problem - None.

Puncture - None.

Traction - Great.

Comfort problem - Slightly and need to consider cut-out saddle next time.

Stupid riders - Plenty..! Especially the one that knocked his pedal on my left knee during an "unrideable" ditch section.

Best booth - Cycling Asia.

Pre-ride dinner - Several slices of Domino's pizza; thin crust, separate Extravaganza & Aloha Chicken toppings. Lots of water and two glasses of hydration salt drink.

Pre-ride breakfast - Yoghurt, one slice of bread with lots of cranberry jam, water & a glass of hydration salt drink.

Post-ride lunch - None. Too tired to eat. Only two glasses of hydration salt drink.

Post-ride dinner - My wife cooking. Great Malaysian nasi lemak, with prawn sambal, fried eggs, fried chicken, Japanese cucumber. There were also lasagna, but I was only tasting it. Oh! yeah.. the dessert was chocolate fondant with ice cream... yummy!

Some of the photos from my handphone:
[Except the first one, courtesy from Phil Bee. Yeahh.. that's me.]

This is mountain biking!

Finally, I personally would like to thank to University of Nottingham, Malaysia Campus, for allowing the riders to utilise their campus as the base for the start/finish.


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hye...salam ramadhan...nice pic n gud article bro

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