02 December 2008

KL Mountain Bike Carnival 2008

The Kuala Lumpur (KL) Mountain Bike Carnival 2008 was held on 29 and 30 November 2008.

Initially, I planned to take part after I missed last year race due to injury. But, I have to skip it primarily due to family commitment and my master's thesis.

However, it didn't stopped me from watching the event which I look forward to it every year. I did not have the luxury to watch every race category, but here are some of the photos that I took during the 2 days event.

All the photos are not touched up, except for resizing and labelling. This is the first time I labelled my photos, so it means that they are my property... hahahehehh..! If you are interested on having them, please contact me.

I also have more photos in higher resolution on my harddrives, so again if you're interested, please contact me.

[Nurfarahdini Zakaria, Army, Malaysia - The winner of Womens Sport category]

[Lee Chuan Ling, Singapore heading towards her final lap]

[Adilah Junid from Team Thunderclan, Malaysia - Competing in Womens Sport category]

[Start of 18-30 years old category.. they are fast]

[Mohd Shahrul Mohd Amin, Malaysia - The winner of 18-30 years old category]

[Jeff Cole, USA - Total concentration on the downhill part]

[Chong Soon Yew or SY trying to pump up]

[Alexander McNab from ThunderClan Team, Malaysia.. still smiling as usual]

[Oopppssss...! It's SY again..]

[Towards the finishing line...]

[Lim Yew Meng from BikePro trying to catch up in the Mens Elite category]

[The winner of Mens Elite category - Bandi Sugito from Indonesia]

[Followed closely by Sharin Amir (Malaysian) at second place in the Mens Elite category]


Paolo Z said...

I saw your blog and are impressed by seeing the mtb races in the forest. Beautiful landscapes and many participants! Congratulations!
If you want to see us in Italy on http://ciclotazze.blogspot.com visit. We're waiting ... ;-)

umar @ wan said...

Thanks.. and if you're in Malaysia, I'm happy to bring you riding on the race venue and other closeby singletracks.

Rick@NatureEscapes said...

hey great shots of riders at Kiara ... I plan to add some mountain biking locations to my nature website. I'm always on the lookout for pics, so check out Nature Escapes

umar @ wan said...

Thanks Rick, and I'm glad if you are going to add Bukit Kiara as one of the mountain biking locations in KL.