17 May 2008

Trail Maintenance : Bukit Kiara, 2K Trail

Sunday, 11 May 2008. The 2K trail at Bukit Kiara just got longer by roughly 150 meters, and with 4 additional log drops at the existing section (not in the picture).

The log drops are placed at strategic locations of the early part of 2K (clockwise direction) to slow the riders down, yet it provides quite an interesting challenge combined with the downward nature of the trail. The first drop is a miniature drop, even for an 80mm fork. They get progressively deeper, with the last drop of slightly less than one foot, and there is a left turn immediately after it leading to the new section.

There is a switchback that goes around a boulder, and leading to a triple-terrace descent. If you still like the saddle (ravine) at 2K, turn left after the cascade. Otherwise, go straight and pass through a small, but rocky, creek crossing. Enjoy it…