24 December 2007

Udang Galah (Fresh Water Blue Prawn)

I love udang galah, especially when you fried them. They are delicacy in Malaysia, the taste is exquisite and better than lobster.

During my wedding reception in Teluk Intan, my parents served us the udang galah... yummy.. they were delicious !!!

How to catch them? So, I bought my self a couple of fishing rod and reel sets, and a rod and reel set for my eldest daughter. Suprisingly, the reels were made from Shimano, even the name has XT series added to it.

My first set is Shakespeare Sigma Titanium rod and Shimano Aernos XT 2500. This set will be used to catch the blue udang galah and other fishes (I like the baung fish).

I will try to use this lure bait(from Strike Pro, model JL119, suspended) to get the baung fish.

My second set, especially for reeling up the blue udang galah, consists of the affordable Exori Belida rod and Shimano Slade FB 1000.

Now, catching the famous blue udang galah is another matter.