21 October 2007

Trail Maintenance 21 October 2007: Janie's Addiction

We covered about 1.5km of Janie's Addiction trail today.

Quote from Patawi @ Fakawi Tribe Tribal Talk:

"Cast, in order of appearance: Patawi, Rebecca, Derold, Tee, Umar, Yish, Yian Lei, The Entire Stapo Family, Mus, Phil. Thanks so much to all of you for your help.

It wouldn't have been half as much fun without you, and it would have taken me weeks to do the same amount of work (if I ever managed to do it at all).

Total input:
50 hours of labour, 30 litres of water, 1 liter of chainsaw fuel.

Total output: 1 km of Janie's Addiction buffed to a high sheen. Trimmed, raked, deadfall cleared, roots covered, erosion control added, original route restored. You can't get a better wax job on the beach at Ipanema."