07 July 2007

Trail Maintenance 7 July 2007: Carnival

The Carnival trail is loop trail which starts at the Taman Rekreasi TTDI. It hosts the annual Mountain Bike Carvinal at Bukit Kiara every year.

Today, 07-07-07, the turnout was good. About 10 of volunteers, and as Pat put it in order of appearance... Yish, Joe, Simon, Pat, Stan, Mike, Soon, Shi Fun, Tony, Umar. I was the last to arrive, about an hour late.

Check out the trail guys cool photo below, taken by Joe.

Pat divided us into 2 teams. Me, Simon, Soon and Micheal repaired the switchback on Carnival trail leading to the Rock Garden trail.

[A section on Carnival: Before]

[A section on Carnival: After]

[Another section on Carnival: After]

[Just before the switchback on Carnival before entering the Rock Garden]